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About Rome for Jews

Who We Are

Rome for Jews is a Jewish cultural association dedicated to providing people of all backgrounds with an easier, more comfortable and more fulfilling stay in Rome. Our services are geared towards helping you spend your precious time more efficiently.

What We Do

ROME FOR JEWS is proud to offer some of Rome’s best tours from a Jewish perspective. We are proud to tell you all the amazing Jewish history and stories in the Colosseum and Imperial Forums, in the Vatican and all over the historic center, not just in the old Ghetto area.

We give our tours in fluent English, Hebrew, Italian and American Sign Language. Our guides are all articulate, knowledgeable, fun and passionately interested in Jewish, Roman and art history. Once we get to the tour sites, we do our tours on foot, as they are all in pedestrian zones, for reasons of archeology and security, and so we can make sure you don’t miss any of the great sights or stories that await you at every turn.

For getting exactly the right hotel for you, arranging transportation, train tickets, kosher meals and catering, cell phones, Shabbat needs, and just about everything else, contact us at your convenience. We are proudly Shomer Shabbat (Sabbath observant) and donate 10% of all our proceeds to tzedaka (righteous charity).

What We Don’t Do

We do not do the kind of uninformative “drive-through” bus tours where you snap photos through a car or bus window without ever truly experiencing the city. We do not work on the Sabbath, even if paid in advance. Touring on a Saturday afternoon might be a relaxing pleasure for a visitor, but for us it would be work and thus a profanation of Shabbat rest. We do not exchange dollars or traveler’s checks. We are not equipped to accept credit cards, dollars or traveler’s checks. In spite of the many urban legends and rumors, there is no secret side door to let you step directly inside the Sistine Chapel from the street, there is no way to arrange a private meeting over tea and cookies with either the Chief Rabbi or the Pope, and there is no proof that the Menorah and Kelim (the holy vessels from the Holy Temple) are in the basement of the Vatican. We will be very happy, of course, to show you the authentic representations of them in stone carved by the Romans 2,000 years ago.