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We feel that ALL of our visitors are V.I.P.’s,
but of course we are proud to count among our very satisfied guests the following:


Keren Kayemet, Keren Ha-Yesod, AIPAC, the Jewish Federation, Jackie Mason, the family of Vice-President Joe BIden, Oscar winners Jeremy Irons and Neil Jordan, and Gilad Shalit.


Rabbi Benjamin Blech, Rabbi Schlomo Riskin, Rabbi Marvin Hier and the Board of Directors of the Museum of Tolerance and the Simon Wiesenthal Institute, the Executive Board of International Women’s ORT, The Jewish MInisters Cantors Association of America, Rabbi David Lincoln of the Park Avenue Synagogue, the interfaith organization Pave the Way, professors and historians from Yeshiva University, Hebrew Union College, Jewish Theological Seminary.


Other honored visitors who have enjoyed our tours: The Treasurer General of the United States, the Secretary of Agriculture of the U.S, the U.S. Ambassadors to the UN Mission in Rome, to Germany and to the Czech Republic, the Reverend Robert Schuller, Congressman Ed Royce of California, and the White House Secret Service – to name a few.
“Thanks so much for a most enjoyable and memorable experience. Our guide Andrea was fantastic! She had incredible stories, showed us pictures and facts to highlight the sights we were visiting and was overall just a wealth of information. She highlighted art, history and the Vatican in a way that was easy to understand while at the same time intriguing and exciting. Thanks so much Andrea and Rome for Jews, I will highly recommend your association to friends and clients alike.”

– Jeff and Estelle Dimand General Manager
FBI Travel Melbourne, Australia


Roy with Rabbi Berel Wein and members of
Ohr Sameach at the Arch of Titus


“We the took a walking tour for nearly 6 hours with Naor Avikzor, a young Israeli medical student, who knew jewish history like the palm of his hand. We could see how much he enjoyed teaching us about Jewish history and how it was saved in Rome until today. He was charming and kind and spent so much time walking around the city with us until nightfall. He really knew his Jewish history. We could actually feel the Rome of the past in todays times. Naor also had so many funny tales about Historical Romans of the past, and so we were able to remember the stories as we walked in the piazzas by ourselves. We were sorry when the day was over.”

– Margaret and Daniel Retter


“We have been back in Israel for a few days, and we wanted to thank you for the fabulous tours of Rome. We learned so much and had a great time also! My kids can’t stop talking about all the things they saw and experienced. My youngest son won an argument yesterday with one of his friends about the meaning and origin of the name ‘Nike.’ I know we’ll always remember this trip, so thank you again.”

– Claire and Stuart Hershkowitz and kids


“I’ve been touring through Europe for two weeks now, and my visit to Rome has been the most memorable experience. David was the most fantastic tour guide… he had me spell- bound to the last minute. We had some rain – but we went right through it. We were so eager to soak everything in. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to tour Rome through a Jewish perspective. One day of tours was not enough… I will have to come back.”

– Dassie

“Thanks again to both of you, Roy and David, for your fantastic knowledge and tours which made our stay so enjoyable & learned. Without you, we would have seen a different Rome, and we will be (and are already) recommending you to our friends and family.”

– Yitzy & Ayala Lerner


Proof that 2 out of 3 guys in yarmulkes use Rome For Jews! Larry Mizel and Rabbi Marvin Hier during the Simon Wiesenthal Institute’s private audience with Pope Benedict XVI.


“We did the Vatican Museum tour with Liat. Seeing the Vatican from a Jewish perspective was wonderful. She’s knowledgeable, intelligent and has a wonderful eye for art.”

– Susie G., NYC


“We took the tour of the Vatican with Liat. As a Jew I was interested in hearing about the Vatican from a Jewish perspective. Liat was knowledgeable and entertaining as she told us about the different parts of the Vatican. We especially loved her stories about Michelangelo!!”

– Lorraine S., Huntington, NY


Roy introduced us to the newest kosher restaurants and the most ancient ruins…. For every stone on our path, Roy furnished us with a fact, anecdote or legend.”

– The Shafir Family, Sydney, Australia