Special Tours – Castel Sant’ Angelo

Castel Sant’ Angelo
The Most Extraordinary Summertime Tour in Rome – available only through Sept. 9!

ENTER: The forbidden secret tunnel of the Popes, made famous by the novel Angels and Demons, off-limits to the public the rest of the year!

EXPLORE: If you dare, the dreaded dungeons of the Vatican!

SEE: The giant mausoleum built by the mad emperor Hadrian to safeguard his own tomb!

HEAR: If he managed to escape the curse of the Sages from the Talmudic era!

GASP: at the over-the-top luxury hide-out of the Popes, and the true accounts of their scandalous behavior!

ENJOY: The most spectacular nighttime view of Rome, from the castle’s rooftop made famous by the opera Tosca!

IMAGINE: our highly-trained Jewish docent leading you layer by layer through 18 centuries of true history and amazing stories for the whole family. You will believe, as we do, that Castel Sant’ Angelo is a sort of time elevator that is NOT TO BE MISSED!

Available from 8:30pm – 1:00am, Tues., Wed., Thursday and Sunday nights.

It is possible to arrange a tour with a later starting time for.Sat. nights after Shabbat.

Contact us today and request the
“Castel Sant’ Angelo by Night Tour”.